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How to clean Golf cart cover?

Undoubtedly golf cart covers are the best storage cover in protecting golf cars if you do not have garage to store your golf car. There are many excellent protect performance on high quality golf cart covers, such as Water Proof, Sun Proof, Snow Proof, Dust Proof, Wind Proof, Easy for Packing and so on. When your golf car was well protected by golf cart cover, did you consider maintaining your golf cart cover to extend its service life?

Clean is the simplest way to maintain your golf cart cover. Here are some clean tips for golf cart cover. There are 6 steps, very easy.

First, add 1/4 cup cleaner to washing machine.

Second, Select warm or cold water and standard or permanent press cycles and let the machine begin filling.

Third, when the cleaner is liquefying in the water, add the golf cart cover.

Forth, run through standard wash/rinse cycle of the washing machine.

Fifth, run an additional rinse cycle to ensure all soap has been removed. This is an important step to guard the water resistance properties of the cover.

Sixth, allow the cover to air dry completely. It’s often easiest to take it back home and put it over the cart to allow it to dry. Do not dry in a dryer unless there is a special note on the care instructions that it is machine dryable.

No matter which brand of your golf cart cover, you can use this way to clean it. Even as club car golf cart cover, E Z GO golf cart cover and so on.


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